Psalm 119 In Song music

Psalm 119 In Song

  • Fills Your Mind With Scripture
  • Singing Makes Memorization Easier
  • 22 Songs Covering All 176 Verses
  • More Than 2,000 Copies Sold
“You don’t know what a thrill it is to my heart to find this!” M. Craig
easy memorization

Makes Memorization Easier

Many find it much easier to remember the words of a song than to memorize a page of words. This is why jingles designed to sell products have been popular ever since radio appeared. Music locks words to individual notes in the melody. This is especially beneficial when the words are Scripture. Thus, by listening to or playing the songs from Psalm 119 in Song, one will be memorizing the Psalm effortlessly. Unlike most songs, the words are truly inspired, for they come from the inspired Scripture.

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enhances meditation

Enhances Meditation on Scripture

David said he meditated on God’s Law “all the day.” (Psalm 119:97) Perhaps this Psalm was written while he was watching sheep. In our hectic pace of life, it is often difficult to recall the words of Scripture even briefly through the day. Yet, without conscious effort, many have a song going through their minds when they are not concentrating on some task. By locking words into the rhythm of a melody, Scripture can flow through one’s thoughts by the vehicle of music. This is the essence of Biblical meditation.

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heart of praise

Fill Your Heart With Praise

Music itself is a gift from God. The origin of music goes back to pre-flood days for we are told that Jubal “was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.” (Genesis 4:21) Music’s symmetry and orderly complexity testify of God’s creative hand. Music that honors the principles God designed for music will itself lift the heart and praise the Creator. The use of melody, harmony, and the balance of accompaniment in these songs from the text of Psalm 119 all work to this end.

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